Building Boat Models Workshop in Rotterdam Harbor!

Buijs Events asked us to make a Cardboard Model Boats workshop in a beautiful old building in the Rotterdam Harbor! 085_Raets_BuijsAnd you’re right: “boatbuilding is just not the same when you don’t really test the boats in water”. We promise we will do that experiment in the near future :-D ! But we didn’t stop after building the boatmodels. We made video’s of all the groups of builders (120 builders!) pictures of the boats. In the party afterwards we showed the animation we made of this with some other animated vj-goodness (which is our actual profession besides cardboarding). And ofcourse the boats we’re floating around nicely in the grid above the party. The cardboarders team for this project: Astrid van der Velde, Janneke Stegink de Graaff, Josephine Beijer, Albert Kannemans, Edo Sutherland, Koos Schaart, Jeroen Funke, Michael Veerman, Niek Das en Mathijs Stegink.


2 Responses to Building Boat Models Workshop in Rotterdam Harbor!

  1. Great work!
    Thanks for sharing! And maybe if you dare, we can hold a regatta one day :-)
    We are the artist duo Mr. & Mrs. Gray and working on a project paperboat. On the moment we sink after a minutes of 20. But we are still hopeful dat we can build a occeancruiser one day.

    Mr. & Mrs. Gray

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