• Wildeburger Courant 2019

    Wildeburger Courant 2019

    Wildeburg’s 4th! This year we hit a home run with the festival newspaper we made on the festival with the visitors. A lot of the kinks in our first year workflow disappeared and there was a lot more attention to readability 🙂 Besides that we had some great printpartys at night. Many amazing illustrators and […]

  • Live Mobile Lightpaint Animation Studio

    Live Mobile Lightpaint Animation Studio

    #LIT Mobile Lightpainting Animation Studio! How it works: This is a mobile workshop that works well in public spaces. It consists a large (55 inch) LED screen, camera and computer mounted on a bike. The way people interact with it is rather layered. There is the studio as a mobile live visuals installation on the […]

  • Defqon1: Hardstyle? Cardstyle!

    Defqon1: Hardstyle? Cardstyle!

    Our 5th year at Defqon1! The heat was on, literally. The glue melted before we could turn the glueguns on. What a giant party with a lot of familiar faces! We feel like we are a real part of the festival! Big round of cardboard for the best team ever: Astrid van der Velde, Jeroen […]