Animating yourself from above

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In this workshop we create an animation from a strange angle: the ceiling. The participants are lying on the floor, playing their own characters in the animation! We begin by thinking up a little story and doing a small animation test. Then we make large flat cardboard props. Start recording! Frame by frame we move props and characters on the floor. When finished we check the animation immediately. We add some sound on the spot, and finalize the movie with … Continue reading

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Cardboard robot battle

This is our classic workshop 🙂 What is the first thing you think of when wearing a cardboard box? Right! A robot! In this workshop participants work in teams to make the best cardboard robot warrior! The game is relatively simple: rescue the cardboard baby from the hands of your opponents and bring her back to your base! Dressed up as cardbot of course. Or something else: maybe a war-donkey or a battle-snail? Or a giant evil tree. As long … Continue reading



In this workshop, we teach you how to make animated lightpaintings.  You’ll learn how to draw freehand using a flashlight or any other light source, how to make brilliant light images in sequence, and how to make them move. Purely luminous magic. We start with a short explanation and try some things together, after that we will spread out in small teams and get to work as fast as possible. Best is to work outside! After all that work we … Continue reading

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Together with the participants of the event we’ll create a lot of short shadow puppet movies that will be shown immediately! We will help make easy to build, good working shadowpuppets after which we bring them to live our special light table. We record the live performance and add it to a continuously growing movie of short clips that’s shown immediately! This can be a “walk-in workshop”. The audience of the event steps in as long as they like to … Continue reading