We will sock you at Smeerboel Festival!

At Smeerboel Festival! We brought our improved sets for the sockpuppetsweatshop: the sockpuppet wrestling area has now a pimpy look and the micro playback sjo is equiped with a smoke machine 🙂 We really have a hang of this workshop now and it is ready to travel! Of course we also brought all sorts of costumes and puppets we are already working on ourselves! 

A sockpuppet is the perfect size for people on festivals. Visitors make all sorts of characters, sometimes based on people in real life, sometimes an ideal version of them selves, sometimes of the musicians on the festival. We try to engage people in playing with the puppets and giving them a life by providing them with sockpuppet passports 🙂

Do you want people to sock at your party?

We will sock you! HELL YEAH TELL ME MORE!


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