Live Mobile Lightpaint Animation Studio

#LIT Mobile Lightpainting Animation Studio!

How it works:
This is a mobile workshop that works well in public spaces. It consists a large (55 inch) LED screen, camera and computer mounted on a bike. The way people interact with it is rather layered. There is the studio as a mobile live visuals installation on the festival. Then there is two layers of participation: people can be models and lightpaintartists. And then there is, for the 9 At first they just see the sequence of earlier images on the moving screen. Then they are being photographed, they get direct feedback on the screen. Then they start to understand what we are doing in front and behind them with the lightpainting/long shutter speed. Because we take a lot of pictures they become a sequence (like a gif).
Because the screen is bright and big the participants can film their own sequences with their phones.

After people understand what we are doing they start to try it them selves. Lightpainting and animation go really well together. The realtime feedback gives people a great reason to PLAY (and to look at them selves). Mixing that with time-lapse, possible because the studio is mobile, produces great results! The background visuals can be adjusted (logo’s etc.) and it’s possible to work in a theme.

We make a little montage afterwards of all the images! That is finished the day after.

Technical: We are working from batteries so we are free to move everywhere. We have batteries to work for 6 hours. We are sort off waterproof but it’s hard to do the workshop if there is real rain! A tent or roof then comes in very handy. We are 2,5m high. We come with three people, a rental bus and we need a storage space in the vicinity to charge the batteries 🙂

Best Team Ever:
Mathijs Stegink
Astrid van der Velde
Edo Sutherland
Damian van Soest


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