Time for something different at our favorite festival (KLIK! Animation Festival). As you may know we are connected to the festival organizing animation workshops, creating a variation of whacky objects, events, decorations and crazy animation programs. This year we wanted to try something new, yet in the spirit of Cardboarding: working together with the audience of the festival on a big creative project! A place for the festival goers to create and experiment with their own characters and creative skills and show them off: at the Sockpuppetparty!

So we gathered a lot of material: 150 socks, fabric, needles, yarn, sequins, hot glue guns, stuffing, buttons, googly eyes and and assorted bits and pieces. We created a hand-puppet-sized boxing ring for sockpuppet armwrestling and made sure there were some good tunes afterwards (Gangpol und Mitt and Eboman).

Get to know the fake you!


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