Cardboard Mechanics is made by 4 students of the Utrecht School of Art and Technology (Saskia Freeke, Fin Kingma, Davy Jacobs and Sonja van Vuure). I love the endresult of the project but you should also check the other movies made during prototyping, they don’t have the audio mixed out and you can hear the sound of the cardboard as it spins and the sounds of the people looking at it! Next to making things by hand they also use of the laser-cutter. Laser cutting is a technique that has always been rather expensive to use. Thanks to the Fablabs that start to pop up in several cities around the globe a lot more people gained access to these (and many other) technologies. I’m not sure if they made this in a Fablab but there is one in Utrecht so they probably did 🙂 If you have one in your neighbourhood you should really check it out because it’s a nice initiative and a great way to be able to use very advanced technology for a small price!


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