Cardboard SweatShop

48What we like about festivals is not to just sit around and consume. We want to join in! A big festival like Lowlands is like a village, you can eat, drink, dance and consume whatever you like. But once in a while you get ideas on festivals, and you want to produce them immediately. This is what we provided at the Lowlands Festival: Rapid Proto Typing for the masses (or as we say in dutch: creatief met kurk, nou ja karton dan). People made masks, signs, umbrella’s, drink-holders and lots more creative things! Many thanks to Lowlands for the opportunity to try this out, props to the Zorklands crew and many thanks to the audience participating! [nggallery id=2]

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2 responses to “Cardboard SweatShop”

  1. Skull Man Avatar

    Awesome work and fun times!

    1. mathijs Avatar

      Thanks man! We will meet you in a cardboard battle! Has to happen. Fate and stuff.

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