Remember pillow fights? Alright: Now Forget Pillow Fights! If you feel like having fun you should try this for a weekend. Cardboard enthusiasts LET OUT THE CARDBOARD BEAST in a phenomenon called BOXWARS. It’s aggressive and creative at the same. Like a mixture between art and sport. There’s people all over the world forming illustrious groups of cardboard engineers, actors and visual artists. What do they make in the end? Havoc, Mayhem. Boxwars.

The best movies i found (till now) are made by BOXWARS. They do role playing games involving people dressing up in recycled cardboard and belting each other with cardboard weapons. “It’s sort of gone from there and now it’s a worldwide thing.” The roughness of it is inspiring. There seems to be a need for manual games, for the non digital way of working amongst these artists. The return of the tactile! All this instead of looking at a screen at a character that (at least for the biggest part) is designed by a guy at a desk. Game designers have the minds of gamers: they are bored. So this is the world they create for us: a world where everything is boring, everything works, everything is possible. Cardboard wars are far from boring: why is that? Probably because everything is real. 3D, Augmented or any other reality can never beat the real reality 🙂



  1. Azzie Avatar

    Fantastic material! I have been searching for something like this for quite a while now. With thanks!

  2. Pat Avatar

    And where is the facebook like link ?

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