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In this workshop, we teach you how to make animated lightpaintings.  You’ll learn how to draw freehand using a flashlight or any other light source, how to make brilliant light images in sequence, and how to make them move. Purely luminous magic. We start with a short explanation and try some things together, after that we will spread out in small teams and get to work as fast as possible. Best is to work outside! After all that work we … Continue reading

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Workshops Cardboarding


You can hire us to make stuff for and with you! During our projects we became skilled in getting participants enthusiastic and motivated to do creative work.  A Cardboarders project is about improvising and creating amazing large scale cardboard objects, suits and environments together. We have three types of workshops Cardboarders Art Project We can make a special project suiting your needs: like a giant parade or a theatrical work. We can make decorations for your event or special puppets … Continue reading

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