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Another workshop at the museumN8 in the Joods Historical Quarter in Amsterdam. During the party, the visitors of the Museumnight helped us in making some paper puppet animations, which we’re recorded directly and shown as visuals behind the DJ. We created some scenes in which people brought there characters to live! We used the same setup on different festivals / parties lately and we love it 🙂

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Cardboarders go to Cardboardia


The Tyran and Mayor of Cardboardia came to Amsterdam! I (Mathijs) was very eager to meet them and talk about Cardboardia and the possibilities for cardboarders to go there. There are so many similarities with what we are trying to do. Cardboardia also uses the seemingly worthless cardboard as a material for their projects. In the process they stimulate playfulness, games and other experimental and creative behavior. Some of their projects are really big! Cardboardia is a country without land that … Continue reading

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Why this is a typically Dutch Blog (nationalism)

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The dutch have a broad history in cardboard and paper. The dutch city of Groningen used to be the capitol cardboard producer of the Netherlands, this is an old dutch song about them by Doctorandus P. I”ll try to translate a little of it using my worst english 🙂 They do it with cardboard, cardboard, They do it with cardboard, Usually in the shed but if the weather is nice also on the lawn, This kind of work started in … Continue reading

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