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Why this is a typically Dutch Blog (nationalism)

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The dutch have a broad history in cardboard and paper. The dutch city of Groningen used to be the capitol cardboard producer of the Netherlands, this is an old dutch song about them by Doctorandus P. I”ll try to translate a little of it using my worst english 🙂 They do it with cardboard, cardboard, They do it with cardboard, Usually in the shed but if the weather is nice also on the lawn, This kind of work started in … Continue reading

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Tribal Jewellery Display


Just give us a load of material and we”ll make something! That’s what we said when the CODA museum asked us to make a jewelry presentation… No question, cardboard took over the show. The show took place during the holland papier bienalle. We got 50 big plates of cardboard en decided to go make a cardboard tribe of gorillaesque figures: this the result! Click image to enlarge!

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Sketchy Catchy Cardboard Characters in Holland


Cardboard animations by Sjors Vervoort. So everybody has probably seen these blu street art animations and thought: ” I really need to make something like that because it’s just so epic. These moments end (in my case at least) mostly with sitting down and thinking: “It will never be that cool…” Sjors Vervoort’s cardboard animation reminds me of BLU and it also makes me think: “Whatever I’ll make will never be that cool…”And he’s dutch!

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8 juli ROBOT BUILDING and TOURNAMENT in amsterdam

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This Tournament has ended: Check! We ain’t got no problem with LAMELOS, the seem to be nice guys. But they shouldn’t have messed with the swedish and go pick on some cardbots of there own size. We are ready! Finally they will meat: LAMELOS VS REANIMATION. We all know who will lose that game. We’ll take care of the cardboard, knifes, MacGyvertape and soundeffects, you take care of yourself! Make a team and join the big fight 8 juli, Tussen … Continue reading

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CARDBOARDERS is a blog about artists, engineers, architects, makers and tinkerers with a fetish for cardboard. We also organize crowd-creation-events where we use cardboard as the material. We are based in the heart of Amsterdam. Our projects are filled with a brimming spirit of innocence and fun. We aim to stimulate playfulness, inventiveness and other experimental and creative behaviour.

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