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Elevated Corrugated San Francisco


I found out about a group exhibition named Elevated Corrugated in San Francisco at The Museum of Craft and Design when visiting cardboard artist Kiel Johnson. It features some works that I really wanted to see in real life! Click to enlarge! I guess the curator (Marc D’estout) had some of the same problems as this website has! Making a material the starting point of an exhibition can only work if you find an interesting angle to view the material … Continue reading

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Workshops Cardboarding


You can hire us to make stuff for and with you! During our projects we became skilled in getting participants enthusiastic and motivated to do creative work.  A Cardboarders project is about improvising and creating amazing large scale cardboard objects, suits and environments together. We have three types of workshops Cardboarders Art Project We can make a special project suiting your needs: like a giant parade or a theatrical work. We can make decorations for your event or special puppets … Continue reading

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