• Exploding cardboard @ I’m Binck Festival!

    Exploding cardboard @ I’m Binck Festival!

    We had a cardboarders party at the Binck festival which took place in Astrid’s new workshop in the Hague! What a great evening: we build and destroyed a castle with some skilled builders! And some real explosions too! Please don’t try this at home! We found out it was quite dangerous in the end! We […]

  • Building boat models: Workshop in Rotterdam Harbor!

    Building boat models: Workshop in Rotterdam Harbor!

    Buijs Events asked us to make a Cardboard Model Boats workshop in a beautiful old building in the Rotterdam Harbor! We didn’t stop after building the boatmodels. We made video’s of all the groups of builders (120 builders!) pictures of the boats. In the party afterwards we showed the animation we made of this with […]

  • Wearable Cardboard City at GLR

    Wearable Cardboard City at GLR

    Cardboarders Workshops with a.o. students Mitchel van der Jagt en Sascha Dekker at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam! We made this stuff in one afternoon. I think the wearable city will have a follow up in the future. It’s funny to think of the wearable cardboard skyline, still standing there, somewhere in Rotterdam. Maybe covered with […]

  • German Urban Cardboard Street Art

    German Urban Cardboard Street Art

    A cardboard artist often sees big piles of cardboard on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up by the cities’ recycling company. I always fantasize about the things I could make out of these piles and how much fun it would be to put these things on the street again. The artists […]

  • Giant Cardboard Marble Run for PICNIC (at Eye Amsterdam)

    Giant Cardboard Marble Run for PICNIC (at Eye Amsterdam)

    Picnic is the first festival in the new building for the Amsterdam Filmmuseum EYE. It is the best location ever! They asked us to come and build something and when we saw these stairs we just couldn’t resist dropping something! So we built a Giant Cardboard Marble Run during the festival. With some help from […]

  • KOP festival Deventer

    KOP festival Deventer

    The KOP festival in Deventer (the Netherlands) invited us to make big cardboard heads (KOP=head in dutch). So we did and in one day we made these! On the festival we invited visitors to help us make even more big heads, too bad there was so much rain 🙂 Afterwards we used the heads as […]

  • conTemporary sculpture: James Grashow

    conTemporary sculpture: James Grashow

    I heard someone say the Burning Man Festival is a new World Wonder. Incredible! Something with the motto “leave no trace” is now becoming a part of a list of things that only wanted to leave their trace. Like most of the artists on this site, the consciousness that everything is impermanent is a part […]

  • An explosion of cardboard in the shape of town

    An explosion of cardboard in the shape of town

    About Cardboardia’s materialization in Perm.We were invited to come and help build Cardboardia in Perm (KartonKamsk).Perm is a city with two faces: one rough, industrial and hardworking and one innocent, cultural and fun-loving. The city used to be the last stop before people deemed “undesirable” by the Soviet regime passed on their way to the […]

  • Cardboarders go to Cardboardia

    Cardboarders go to Cardboardia

    The Tyran and Mayor of Cardboardia came to Amsterdam! I (Mathijs) was very eager to meet them and talk about Cardboardia and the possibilities for cardboarders to go there. There are so many similarities with what we are trying to do. Cardboardia also uses the seemingly worthless cardboard as a material for their projects. In the […]

  • Cardboarders workshop at Art and Design Deltion Zwolle

    Cardboarders workshop at Art and Design Deltion Zwolle

    I (Mathijs) was asked to do a workshop at the (international) school for Art and Design in Zwolle.I decided to make it an intense two days of cardboard costume-making. Then I would have one day left to play with the students and their costumes in the green screen studio (a really good one they have […]



    The shapes of unfolded corrugated boxes are very fascinating. They show efficient and careful industrial design. Printing is suddenly transformed to a fragmented collage. Not that strange that kids are often happier with the box than the toy itself! There’s some artists that use the graphical quality of these foldouts. They break down the box […]

  • Cardboard SweatShop

    Cardboard SweatShop

    What we like about festivals is not to just sit around and consume. We want to join in! A big festival like Lowlands is like a village, you can eat, drink, dance and consume whatever you like. But once in a while you get ideas on festivals, and you want to produce them immediately. This […]

  • 2011 First Amsterdam Cardboard Robot Capture The Flag

    2011 First Amsterdam Cardboard Robot Capture The Flag

    Well, that was fun, we organised the first official Amsterdam Cardboard Robot Capture The Flag Event. The flag of course being the baby-bot. Inspired by earlier Robot Battles we wanted to create something like that in Amsterdam. Next time we need a bigger location, and we’ll invite more people… The passers-by in the Westerpark where […]

  • Of Mice and Man (And of Cardboard too)

    Of Mice and Man (And of Cardboard too)

    The beautifull work of Richard Derks. Al sorts of little dwellings for his mice. Be sure to als watch the little films he made of the mice playing in the houses : Muizenhuizen (Micehouse) (update: at the moment these seem to be offline!) When you look at these little houses with the mice in it […]

  • Cardboard Applause Machine

    Cardboard Applause Machine

    Or maybe a rain machine… I would love to have seen this installation. It’s like an arena with people applauding it. If you’ve seen it live please share what it was like in real live 🙂 made by and zimoun.chIt’s well wurth the applause!

  • Tribal Jewellery Display

    Tribal Jewellery Display

    Just give us a load of material and we”ll make something! That’s what we said when the CODA museum asked us to make a jewelry presentation… No question, cardboard took over the show. The show took place during the holland papier bienalle. We got 50 big plates of cardboard en decided to go make a […]



    Remember pillow fights? Alright: Now Forget Pillow Fights! If you feel like having fun you should try this for a weekend. Cardboard enthusiasts LET OUT THE CARDBOARD BEAST in a phenomenon called BOXWARS. It’s aggressive and creative at the same. Like a mixture between art and sport. There’s people all over the world forming illustrious […]