• Celebrating size: Olivier Grossetête

    Celebrating size: Olivier Grossetête

    It’s not getting any larger than the cardboard architecture by Olivier Grossetête! There’s so much to say about this monumental-community-performance-architecture… It’s very wonderful to see the how people lift the structures layer by layer! And then there’s the choreography’s. Check this video at 2:17… The designs are reduced to their essence, so that they can […]

  • Wayne White: Toony Cardboard Picasso

    Wayne White: Toony Cardboard Picasso

    We love people with a playful attitude and energy. So we honour Wayne White way too late on this site. He should have been the first post! His work is a fusion of puppetry, cartoons, sculpture and painting. He worked as a designer for film and television (remember Pee-wee’s Playhouse?). His cardboard sculptures are what […]

  • Wearable architecture

    Wearable architecture

    Cardboard is in fact what the dutch call a “kreukelzone”: the protective crushable area in a car. A cardboard box is protection for our stuff, like clothing or architecture is protection for our selves. I am fascinated by people making costumes shaped as buildings, architecture or furniture. Scale models of buildings have a poetic attraction. […]

  • conTemporary sculpture: James Grashow

    conTemporary sculpture: James Grashow

    I heard someone say the Burning Man Festival is a new World Wonder. Incredible! Something with the motto “leave no trace” is now becoming a part of a list of things that only wanted to leave their trace. Like most of the artists on this site, the consciousness that everything is impermanent is a part […]

  • Just Perfect, nothing more, says the little voice

    Just Perfect, nothing more, says the little voice

    Sometimes it’s difficult to separate admiration for someones working ethos from the end result of what he or she has worked on. I’m stunned by the perfection of the works by Chris Gilmour. It’s hard to ignore his work when looking for cardboard artists on Google. He’s top ranking! There’s a lot of people out […]

  • It even works, hi to lo-fi

    It even works, hi to lo-fi

    Make things big: size definitely matters amongst the cardboarding community :-). This Giant Cardboard Camera isn’t only beautiful, it also works! Kiel Johnson’s cardboard sculpture of a twin lens reflex camera is made strictly from cardboard, hot glue, and tape. It looks fast, forceful and playful even though you feel he probably works his fingers […]