• Lights and shadows, building with the Landsberg Community

    Lights and shadows, building with the Landsberg Community

    We (Mathijs Stegink and Sjors Knol) were invited to Landsberg by Wolfgang Hauck to create a Cardboarders project. We built for a week with the community, refugees, kids, artists and volunteers from all over the world! We tried to create a spiritual building inspired by the baroque Wieskirche and it’s architect D. Zimmerman. The old […]

  • Celebrating size: Olivier Grossetête

    Celebrating size: Olivier Grossetête

    It’s not getting any larger than the cardboard architecture by Olivier Grossetête! There’s so much to say about this monumental-community-performance-architecture… It’s very wonderful to see the how people lift the structures layer by layer! And then there’s the choreography’s. Check this video at 2:17… The designs are reduced to their essence, so that they can […]

  • An explosion of cardboard in the shape of town

    An explosion of cardboard in the shape of town

    About Cardboardia’s materialization in Perm.We were invited to come and help build Cardboardia in Perm (KartonKamsk).Perm is a city with two faces: one rough, industrial and hardworking and one innocent, cultural and fun-loving. The city used to be the last stop before people deemed “undesirable” by the Soviet regime passed on their way to the […]



    The most well known cardboard chair is probably Frank Gehry’s Easy Edges chair. There’s a nice article on the guggenheim website. He’s best known for his curvy architecture but with a knack for design, Gehry has branched out into furniture construction, too. The patent on the chair says: “The furniture produced by this technique is […]



    Hedenstad was one of the first theatreshows by the dutch Hotel Modern. I saw it in Arnhem when I was still at artschool. What hit me the most was the ease and nonchalance that they crossed borders between puppetry, visual art, performance art, animation and theatre. They still do by the way.Check their new performances […]

  • Of Mice and Man (And of Cardboard too)

    Of Mice and Man (And of Cardboard too)

    The beautifull work of Richard Derks. Al sorts of little dwellings for his mice. Be sure to als watch the little films he made of the mice playing in the houses : Muizenhuizen (Micehouse) (update: at the moment these seem to be offline!) When you look at these little houses with the mice in it […]