• Crowd Light Painting Animation LIVE

    Crowd Light Painting Animation LIVE

    At the opening of Klik! Animation Festival we wanted to make an animation with everyone in the audience at the same time! We gave all the 300 people in the audience a light which they can draw with on the screen! We made a little live survey using their drawings. A sort of live data […]

  • Analogue GIF’s: a zoetrope animation workshop

    Analogue GIF’s: a zoetrope animation workshop

    With a zoetrope you can make analogue animation, a GIF that needs no technology. Excerpt for this large rotating thing. It’s our simplest animation workshop for which we use 2 big zoetropes, a lot of markers and some prepared paper. If you have a big screen we have a simple camera setup that can show […]

  • Cardboarders animation workshops for ArtTube@Lowlands

    Cardboarders animation workshops for ArtTube@Lowlands

    Arttube is a videoplatform curated by almost all of the dutch musea. They asked us if we could fill their venue at the Lowlands-festival with animation workshops. So that’s what we did! We made a Floor of Frames, we brought three zoetropes and build a Wall of Frames. We asked people to work / create […]



    This workshop took place at the museumN8 in the Joods Historical Quarter in Amsterdam. During the party, the visitors of the Museumnight helped us in making some paper puppet animations, which we’re recorded directly and shown as visuals behind the DJ. It was very interesting to combine the technique of traditional shadowpuppets with a workshop […]

  • Dining with the Tsars @Hermitage

    Dining with the Tsars @Hermitage

    During the Tijdens MN8 we set up an animation / cardboard costume workshop in the Hermitage. First you made your own Kokoshnik and beard. Then you sat at the table to participate in the movie that was being animated with the specially prepared objects. Live-size animated sequences and pinned dolls of walking pigs, melting teacups […]

  • Elevated Corrugated San Francisco

    Elevated Corrugated San Francisco

    I found out about a group exhibition named Elevated Corrugated in San Francisco at The Museum of Craft and Design when visiting cardboard artist Kiel Johnson. It features some works that I really wanted to see in real life! Click to enlarge! I guess the curator (Marc D’estout) had some of the same problems as […]

  • Cardboard Creatures Animation

    Cardboard Creatures Animation

    For the KLIK! Animation Festival (now Kaboom) in the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam we developed this life size animation workshop. It combines our two favorite disciplines: cardboard building and animation. This is a workshop we perfected in later iterations on bigger festivals like Lowlands, IFFR and Hemeltjelief. It works best as an ongoing workshop during […]

  • A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!

    A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!

    Art is the creation or mimicking of living objects. When the artist is gone, his objects live on. Not necessarily in the same way as the artist wanted to but still. This kinetic sculpture based on the slinky by Natalia Rodionova mimics real organic movement gives live to the inanimate material for a while. There’s […]



    Hedenstad was one of the first theatreshows by the dutch Hotel Modern. I saw it in Arnhem when I was still at artschool. What hit me the most was the ease and nonchalance that they crossed borders between puppetry, visual art, performance art, animation and theatre. They still do by the way.Check their new performances […]

  • CGC: Computer Generated Cardboard

    CGC: Computer Generated Cardboard

    Some animation are worth looking at frame by frame. Psyop is one of the big names in animation. They are well known for big commercial projects that bring back the Awwww in awesome. They make computer generated animations without the “cgi-feel”. This is about the series of animations they made for UPS using cardboard as […]

  • It even works, hi to lo-fi

    It even works, hi to lo-fi

    Make things big: size definitely matters amongst the cardboarding community :-). This Giant Cardboard Camera isn’t only beautiful, it also works! Kiel Johnson’s cardboard sculpture of a twin lens reflex camera is made strictly from cardboard, hot glue, and tape. It looks fast, forceful and playful even though you feel he probably works his fingers […]

  • Sketchy Catchy Cardboard Characters in Holland

    Sketchy Catchy Cardboard Characters in Holland

    Cardboard animations by dutch animator Sjors Vervoort. So everybody has probably seen these blu street art animations and thought: ” I really need to make something like that because it’s just so epic. These moments end (in my case at least) mostly with sitting down and thinking: “It will never be that cool…” Sjors Vervoort’s […]