Wildeburger Courant 2019

Wildeburg’s 4th! This year we hit a home run with the festival newspaper we made on the festival with the visitors. A lot of the kinks in our first year workflow disappeared and there was a lot more attention to readability 🙂 Besides that we had some great printpartys at night. Many amazing illustrators and writers of last year returned and blend perfectly with the new ones! We are looking for bigger venues to do this… So if you are with a big festival and want to get REAL… hook us up 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-16 at 20.57.33

Best team ever:
Mathijs Stegink, Erwin Blok, Timo Kragting, Edo Sutherland, Jeroen Funke, Lae Schäfer, Nina Maissouradze, Damian van Soest, Lot van Teylingen , Laura Kleinhans, Raoul Wilke, Ron Sdıǝɹıuƃs, Simon Uyterlinde, Ervin Poot, Andreas Schrijvers, Jasmijn de Lange, Jerry Houtman, Sigi Foppen! And of course: Sam, Dirk Tuizenga en Maurice van der Berkt en Paul Niezen. And all the people that randomly helped out printing, drawing, folding and spreading!


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  1. Russell Christian Avatar
    Russell Christian

    Mind blowing! I draw and write and build with cardboard but how wonderful to have a community to do that with and how amazing to produce a beautiful comic in…what seems like minutes! Producing a comic to me seems like a 100% investment emotional and artistic for ten years and overwhelming so…wow!

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