Wildeburger Courant Live Festival Printshop!

At the Wildeburg Festival we created a festival newspaper with the visitors of the festival! Writing, drawing, printing, folding the 5 zines we made in 3 days. Total copies: 15000! Printed on the vintage gestetner mimeographs of Erwin Blok! No computers we’re used excerpt for playing music!

We came with the best team ever, writers, printers, illustrators, artists! Mathijs Stegink, Timo Kragting, Erwin Blok, Edo Sutherland, Jeroen Funke, Talitha Dijkhuizen, Laura Kleinhans, Damian van Soest, Bas De Geus, Nina Maissouradze, Lot van Teylingen, Lae Schafer, Max Terpstra, Jane Bergkotte en natuurlijk vanuit Wildeburg,  Maurice van der Berkt, Paul Niessen, Dirk Tuizenga, Siep Stronks en iedereen die ik nu vergeet sorry.

Want a newspaper created and printed live on your festival?

We have lots of experience in making people make! SURE YEAH TELL ME MORE!


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