We will sock you at Lowlands!

During the Lowlands Festival we made more than 8000 sockpuppets! These puppets came to live in all the different sets in our venue! Many thanks to all participants and all workshopleaders, puppeteers and the Lowlands crew! We made also a big party each evening of the festival. And some specials: a create your own dancepartner battle and a create and train your own aliendog match!

A sockpuppet is the perfect size for people on festivals. Visitors make all sorts of characters, sometimes based on people in real life, sometimes an ideal version of them selves, sometimes of the musicians on the festival. We try to engage people in playing with the puppets and giving them a life by providing them with sockpuppet passports 🙂

Do you want people to sock at your party?

We will sock you! YEAH TELL ME MORE!


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