Analogue GIF’s: a zoetrope animation workshop

With a zoetrope you can make analogue animation, a GIF that needs no technology. Excerpt for this large rotating thing. It’s our simplest animation workshop for which we use 2 big zoetropes, a lot of markers and some prepared paper.

If you have a big screen we have a simple camera setup that can show the animations live on a big screen (and in the process record the output for an after-movie.

The only thing participants have to do is think up a short interesting movement / mini-story (it’s best if it loops) and spread it over 15 drawings. Then it they just start drawing and coloring and of course trying the animation!

The workshop can take about 30 people at the same time. More is possible, then they might have to wait a little longer when trying out their sequences!

Mar-20-2019 15-09-33

Want to people to tell their animated story during your event?

We have lots of experience in making people make! YEAH TELL ME MORE!


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