Lights and shadows, building with the Landsberg Community


We (Mathijs Stegink and Sjors Knol) were invited to Landsberg by Wolfgang Hauck to create a Cardboarders project. We built for a week with the community, refugees, kids, artists and volunteers from all over the world! We tried to create a spiritual building inspired by the baroque Wieskirche and it’s architect D. Zimmerman. The old churches we’re also built with many hands from the community and this was also our goal. The old gym in which we worked used to be a shelter for hundreds of refugees. The space needed some positive interference. We made experiments with light and shadow and developed an idea to create something really large with all the people that wanted to join us. Another thing that inspired us we’re the organic, intricate roccoco ornaments inside the architecture from the baroque. We still can’t believe how many people joined us and how much time they devoted to the project. On the last day we showed everything to the world, for a while during a day long cardboard party. And then it was destroyed. Alles Kaputt. Carpe diem, Memento Mori. Nothing changed but our minds and some images on facebook 🙂


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