Celebrating size: Olivier Grossetête

It’s not getting any larger than the cardboard architecture by Olivier Grossetête! There’s so much to say about this monumental-community-performance-architecture… It’s very wonderful to see the how people lift the structures layer by layer! And then there’s the choreography’s. Check this video at 2:17…

The designs are reduced to their essence, so that they can be made with the basic cardboard boxes: like building blocks. I guess this is also important because all participants need to understand the building process to some extent. I collected some pictures showing the buildings being destroyed. The temporary nature of projects ensures that the process, stories and memories of working together on something monumental are more important than the finished product. I guess this makes it more a performance or ritual than an art piece. “The work is never perfect or finished, people find their place within it. Perfection is something that’s dead. It’s something that’s not living, it’s not real,” (Grossetête quote from interview on Mashable) .


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