Lights_up2In this workshop, we teach you how to make animated lightpaintings.  You’ll learn how to draw freehand using a flashlight or any other light source, how to make brilliant light images in sequence, and how to make them move. Purely luminous magic.

We start with a short explanation and try some things together, after that we will spread out in small teams and get to work as fast as possible. Best is to work outside! After all that work we need ten minutes to transform the raw footage into an animation. We will look at it together and try out some tunes for it. If there’s time we will make a soundtrack for the movie together.

  • Max. participants: 35, age 12+
  • Duration: 2-3 hours: in the evening / night. You need darkness for this workshop!
  • Location: For the short opening talk we need a dark space with a beamer.
  • The end result will be edited so it looks at it’s best and sent to you or put online!
  • Costs: 400 euro per workshop-leader (15-20) participants. That’s including materials (lights, camera’s, use of computers), the editing of the final movie etc. It’s excl. taxes and travel costs.

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