Animating yourself from above

In this workshop we create an animation from a strange angle: the ceiling. The participants are lying on the floor, playing their own characters in the animation! We begin by thinking up a little story and doing a small animation test. Then we make large flat cardboard props. Start recording! Frame by frame we move props and characters on the floor. When finished we check the animation immediately. We add some sound on the spot, and finalize the movie with a normal soundtrack right after the workshop!

This workshop can be offered as a walk-in workshop, where visitors will be asked to help out as they walk by. People can decide if and how long they feel like participating. We tried this on several at large festivals.

It may also be a closed workshop. Participants work in groups on their own animations: we can put up to five of these sets. We need one workshop leader per two sets. The workshop has a minimum duration of 3 hours like this.

There must be a possibility to hang a camera at least 2.5 meters high. The lighting must be somewhat controllable. The floor is flat and there is enough space and some tables: also for tinkering with the props. It is helpful if we can project anywhere. Cardboarders provides everything: the technology (cameras, computers), knives, scissors, cardboard, glue etc.

This workshop is the most fun with adults ( of ages 8 and older 🙂 ).

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