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You can hire us to make stuff for and with you!
During our projects we became skilled in getting participants enthusiastic and motivated to do creative work.  A Cardboarders project is about improvising and creating amazing large scale cardboard objects, suits and environments together.

We have three types of workshops

  • Cardboarders Art Project We can make a special project suiting your needs: like a giant parade or a theatrical work. We can make decorations for your event or special puppets to interact with the audience!
  • The Open Cardboarders Sweatshop where the Cardboarders do things for and with the audience of the event.  This works well in busy places at festivals where people hang around and have some spare time. We help the public make their supercool wandering cardboard objects. We can come for one day or multiple days, we have experienced that multiple days work even better. People come back a second day, inspired by the pioneers of day one.
  • The Cardboarders Workshop in which we carry out a project with a group of people who choose to be with us for 2.5 – 4 hours. We work to a clear end. Working on cardboard automata or preparing a cardboard robot battle or a cardboard boat race or something new!


What do we need?
We’ll bring glue guns, glue, knives on cables, ropes, cutting boards, rulers, etc. What we need on location: is a roof (cardboard and rain don’t mix), work tables and a seperate powergroup. We are preferably on a spot where a lot of people pass. Of course we’ll clean up our workspace: if you provide the paper containers!

Set Dressing
To make people excited, it is important that there are already some inspirational things to see! For festivals we usually have a day in advance to dress the location and half a day to get bring our stuff, to ensure that all tables are good, knives and glue guns are attached with steel cables etc. It all depends a bit on the size of the festival.

Where to get the cardboard?
Best is to arrange your own cardboard, think of bikestores, furniture stores and hardware stores. In some cities, paper and cardboard is put on the side of the road once a week: especially shopping areas are interesting! For big stuff you need big pieces of cardboard… We can also bring it, but it takes us time to collect and transport (or to purchase new stuff).


How many participants can take part?
At least 10. We don’t have a clear maximum limit. We have worked with groups of more than 200 in workshops… And sweatshops at festivals in the thousands… Our Cardboarders are professional artists and educators: we only come in pairs 🙂

What ages can participate in workshops?
All ages! But, we only do workshops with children under 15 if their parents or guardians also join in the workshop themselves. We are not babysitters and all anyone does in a cardboarders workshop is own risk 🙂

Any questions?


5 Responses to Workshops Cardboarding

  1. Darrell Dulaney Sr. says:

    I’m a cardboarder since 1974. I was 14 years old I would like to be a part of this group of artist

  2. Yann says:


    I manage an imagination Lab with kids here in Senegal and would love to get more skills in cardboard building to build amazing stuff with kids. I’ll b in Europe from the end of june. Is there anyway to join a cardboard workshop somewhere? or any extra sper book on cardboarding?

    Thanks and enjoy your cardboard life! keep on going, what you do is just awesome!

  3. karin boers says:

    Beste mensen,
    we zoeken voor volgend jaar een workshop ter gelegenheid van ons 20 jarig bestaan. Het idee is om een gezamenlijk (karton)kunstwerk te maken op het plein waar we vieren (of in een lokaal bij slecht weer)
    Wat zijn de kosten per workshop? Hoeveel mensen moeten er minimaal meedoen?

  4. Casey says:

    Hey! Curous if you have any workshops scheduled in New York. I’d love to come and learn a thing or a hundred from you!


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