MonsterMotel (textile is the new cardboard)

IMG_2675Lowlands gave us the opportunity to do a new experiment in addition to our “regular cardboard activities”  We wanted to see if the cardboarders recipe would also work with other materials and we wanted to share our passion for animation, puppetry and audience interaction. So we thought up the  MonsterMotel, a quirky cross-over between a giant dollhouse, tamagoshi’s, sesamestreet and big brother. We arrived a week before the festival with a group of 25 creatives and a lot of material to make a motel with 6 large glass windows. In each room lived a Monster during the festival. The Monsters were communicating through the glass with the audience and provided different services to festival goers.

DSCN2068The whore: She tapped on the window and then you could visit her. If you were inside she asked you if you wanted to watch. In her pussy was a little show theater with a pole dancing fetus!

IMG_6505 IMG_1155Tattoo Hank: You could visit him toget a giant piercing or a huge tattoo.

IMG_1178Sokkenwasser (Sockomat): Here you could get your socks washed. You were given an arbitrary pair of dry socks back. So the festival goers ran around in each other’s socks (well washed thankfully).

IMG_7195IMG_8852Grandpa: This elderly man behind the window was very lonely. Visitors were able to go see him to pick up his stockings, read a book or just to chat. The last day of the festival grandfather hanged himself. What caused many condolences and expressions of grief.

IMG_6650RoboDeath: A robot made ​​tough robot techno. If you had made a cardboard instrument in the cardboarderstent you could in here and just rock out with the robot. Your 15 seconds of fame!

IMG_0855 IMG_6189Porn Pimpy: The yakuzzi was filled the whole day with visitors who came to visit the pimp. Men and women were given a cocktail and some mysterious white powder. The butler told a lot about the life and ramblings of Porn Pimpy.


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