Cardboarders + Lowlands = LOVE

Lowlands 2013 was so good to us that it took more then a month to upload some pictures! We came to the festival with 22 hyped out Cardboarders. Four days later 60.000 Lowlanders poured in to the terrain and just took over our venue (an old bumperstage). Tinkering people were everywhere! There’s so many people to thank for this great week… If you like there’s some videos too and this great piece of (dutch) writing on 3voor12. This first video (dutch language) shows the ambience of our venue really well. Please scroll down for the images!

On sunday we made some cardboard boats and tried the out: live on national radio!

Saturday: Cardboard Robotbuilding Day! LTV (captain video) made this video of the Robot Run

Images by Kate Nozik, 3voortwaalf and many of the people below

Many thanks to Janneke Stegink, Michael Veerman, Annemieke Dunnink, Astrid van der Velde, Lyoni Spiers, Barbara de Haan, Maxi Meister, Eva Stegink, Smurfit Kappa, Jeroen Funke, Lamelos, Boris Peeters, Sam Peeters, Koos Schaart, Arjen Pas, Marjolein van der Wal, Edo Sutherland, Albert Kannemans, Michael and Kate Nozik, Anastasia Vinograda, Josephine Beijer, Yvonne van Ulden, Jan Vriends, Sergej Korsakov… and.. and… and…


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