Exploding cardboard @ I’m Binck Festival!

This video is made by Astrid at the cardboarders party at the Binck festival which took place in Astrid’s new workshop! What a great evening: and with some skilled builders! And some real explosions too! Please don’t try this at home, we found out it was quite dangerous in the end!

Original invitation:

Medieval madness! Come and connect yourself ( alone or with a group ) with one of the two cardboard kingdoms. Just swear eternal fidelity to the cardboard and the local noble in service and then get to work! Fulfill your sacred cardboard-construction-mission-command. Catapults , Castle Walls, Morning , Battering ram , Trebuchets, Knights .
After that we go on a crusade to the other cardboard kingdom and we will use all the stuff we made!

We are looking forward to making a cardboard trebuchet: like this one that has an instructable by Mike Senese

See also www.imbinck.nl for more info about the festival .
We are on this location : Binckhorstlaan 174 in The Hague

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