German Urban Cardboard Street Art

A cardboard artist often sees big piles of cardboard on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up by the cities’ recycling company. I always fantasize about the things I could make out of these piles and how much fun it would be to put these things on the street again. The artists underneath recognized that cardboard, together with concrete and glass is the most contemporary material. It’s appearance is intertwined with our everyday environment, so much that we sometimes do not even see it any more.


Since his fabulous rendering of a very hip and nostalgic boombox for Mini, Bartek Elsner’s work is all over the web. His other work (for example this Raven) is more exciting and subtle. This dark, geometric piece is only visible for the careful onlooker. His cardboard fireplace touches a similar subject. Bringing the indoors to the outdoors, creating a visual warmth, crossing the line between personal and public.


Another artist from Germany: street artist EVOL makes unbelievably detailed stencils (!) on cardboard. He transforms the mundane surfaces of old cardboard boxes to incredible life like pictures of inner city landscape.



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