Wearable Cardboard Typography

We we’re thinking about typographical costumes lately (yeah, we think about that sort of stuff) so I did some research on wearable cardboard typography. We didn’t find much, we hope this post will make you help us and some good stuff will surface! First we have a gem: the video for Lushlife shot at more then 65 locations with an unbelievable large amount of typographical cardboard masks. Made by Lamar + Nik: very inspiring! 


This picture is on amandine alessandra’s site, she did a very nice visual research on “body typography”. Luckily there’s no problem finding stuff about that! She has some great examples!

Maybe the one next to it is cheating because it’s probably not inspired by a letter: Zoltan Tombor took this picture of the Letter T for french magazine Twill 🙂


This last picture is a cool promotional picture for the bicycle film festival (couldn’t find which one)! Very funny!

So please! If you find some good cardboard typographical costumes Please give us a comment!


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  1. Michael Olson Avatar

    I absolutely love this idea!!!!

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