The best Cardboard Conglomerates

There’s some eccentric cardboard world builders out there. Some are obsessed with building and extending their virtual environments in real life. Remember the game SimCity? Imagine it too be real and I think you’ll come closes to what possesses these artists

This is the round up of the best ones on the net: if you know other examples or make them yourself: please let us know and we’ll post them here! The one on the left here is made by Michel Gondry for the film “the science of sleep. Gondry made the genre famous 🙂

Abandoned Housing Estate Number N.
This artist was featured on tokyobling. I don’t even know her name: does anybody know japanese?

Cardboard Heaven
“If I draw a house balancing on one tiny piece of plank it will never fall, unless I want it to. In these own worlds you are the one to decide what reality is and what to be part of another’s consciousness.” — Nina Lindgren
via: strictlypaper


Ana Serrano made Cartonlandia, another colorful conglomeration of little cardboard buildings. “Recently I’ve been working with cardboard because I find it easy to handle and manipulate, but also I like that it’s a mundane and familiar material.”
via Reuben Miller

Cardboard Brain
Yaron Steinberg imagined his brain as a city and made a beautiful video of it.

The Sky is Falling

 Annalise Rees says on her website: “The humble cardboard box in all its delightful banality and boringness is a material common to all. The magical gateway into childhood fantasies, cubby houses, castles and beyond to purely practical means of storage. Books, records, toys and forgotten memories all share this common home inside the box.”

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