Giant Cardboard Marble Run for PICNIC (at Eye Amsterdam)

419551_465633176810929_390847136_nimg_6849Picnic is the first festival in the new building for the Amsterdam Filmmuseum EYE. It is the best location ever! They asked us to come and build something and when we saw these stairs we just couldn’t resist dropping something hot! So we built a Giant Cardboard Marble Run. With some help from the audience and a lot of help from Rolinka and Saskia Steur. We created it in the two days of the festival and it made several clear runs! We we’re sponsored by a dutch organisation that creates awareness about media (thank you Diane and Nathalie). We also build a cardboard comment thread for them: the pictures for that are also in the gallery underneath! Cardboarders Crew this time were Michael Veerman, Astrid van der Velde, Albert Kannemans, Koos Schaart, Janneke Stegink, Stefanie Weijsters, Josephine Beijers and Mathijs Stegink!

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