Cardboard Forests

A while ago we made this cardboard forest. We made it for the children visiting the CODA museum (in Apeldoorn). It was too low for adults to walk through so they had to crawl along the ground with the children 🙂 In the back of the woods was someone reading scary stories. The forest was made by Mathijs Stegink, Jeroen Diepenmaat and Tanja Koning. We wanted to make a visualization of the phrase “not see the wood for the trees” and emphasize the way cardboard boxes inspire children (and cardboard artists) to build magical castles, forests, secret hide outs and so on.

Another artists that uses cardboard to make forests is Eva Jospin (from France). Her works also show the complexity of the woods. It’s the same complexity you see in cathedrals or when looking at the stars.
They are constantly shifting between patterns and chaos, just like real forests. It’s incredible how she sculpts the material, forcing it to take the shapes she wants to:

“Even the best jeweler would find it hard to make anything precise out of cardboard. Everyone relates to the forest, because its references lie not only in mythology, but also in gothic architecture. Forests are places where you can lose yourself as if by magic.” (

We found it difficult to find a personal page of Eva Jospin but this is her gallery: with lots of other cardboard things she made.

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  2. Marian Grant says:

    Beautiful work. I’m inspired! Love the comment re: children & boxes. Every summer while ojur 3 were young we hunted down a refrigerator box or 2 which they made use of in endless uses all summer long. Long live cardboard! AND be sure to recycle!. Marian Grant

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