Why this is a typically Dutch Blog (nationalism)

The dutch have a broad history in cardboard and paper. The dutch city of Groningen used to be the capitol cardboard producer of the Netherlands, this is an old dutch song about them by Doctorandus P. I”ll try to translate a little of it using my worst english 🙂

They do it with cardboard,
cardboard, They do it with cardboard,
Usually in the shed but if the weather is nice also on the lawn,
This kind of work started in 1870
It’s true, they told me

If you happen to talk to the people of Oost-Groningen
In their modest houses… or else on the street
You”ll see, how people live and suffer here
And for example how they eat breakfast

Oh and if you’re looking for Drs.P. What about THIS ONE?

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  1. Ah! Drs. P’s prachtige strokartonlied! Ik heb het op luide toon en met knorrende instemming meegezongen! Dank voor het verversen van deze mooie jeugdherinnering…

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