The most well known cardboard chair is probably Frank Gehry’s Easy Edges chair. There’s a nice article on the guggenheim website. He’s best known for his curvy architecture but with a knack for design, Gehry has branched out into furniture construction, too. The patent on the chair says: “The furniture produced by this technique is inexpensive yet strong and durable; moreover, a wide variety of interesting and attractive shapes can be formed. “

There’s a lot of people making cardboard seats. Mostly for the same reasons: cardboard is strong, recyclable, cheap and easy to make rapid prototypes with. Besides that, the material has a natural color and texture. It’s almost like wood. Matthew Laws made a chair out of tubes. On his site he shows some pictures of the chair being shaped with a tilling machine. hosted a design aerobics competition on cardboard chairs with some interesting results. They needed to be foldable. Design competitions are a nice way for developers and designers too show of their skills, experiment and get inspired by others all over the globe. This one is by contestant no.385 Sebastian Errazuriz.


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  1. Ashley Avatar

    I have a Gehry Wiggles/Squiggles chair that now leans–can anyone provide guidance on how to make it stable again?

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