Pepakura Modeling

Pepakura is a software tool that makes it easier to make foldout models out of 3d creation software models. Ofcourse this software is from Japan (free to play with, $35 to use fully). There’s some beautiful examples online. Sculptors are trying out computer generated 3d models and then want to bring their onscreen designs back to the real world. Results: large statues made of unexpected materials. Like cardboard for an instance 🙂 I don’t know who made the fist by the way…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a party and guests could just switch heads the whole time? This is made by Taras Lesko. I’m not sure if he uses Pepakura but I love the surreal edge of his work!

Also very lovable about Pepakura is the packaging of the program itself it looks as if you bought yourself a Commodore Amiga game 🙂


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  2. ELKER Avatar

    hola. soy diseñador gráfico y me gustaría enseñarle a mis alumnos y hacer para mi mi propio rostro, tal vez podrían explicarme como poner de textura mi rostro o como hacer la verdad no he podido hacerlo, diseño en 3d digital y físico por si acaso…. Dios les bendiga thanks.

    ha exelente men! que creatividad !

  3. Stourley Kracklite Avatar
    Stourley Kracklite

    How did the guy in the photo of the model of a raised fist transfer the design to cardboard? Did he use a large machine like a laser cutter or a oversize printer?

    1. mathijs Avatar

      Good question! I guess a lasercutter would be the easiest, or a plotter of some sorts… But you could also print each part on a seperate piece of paper or rescale them in a copymachine (a large one for architectural drawings)…

      1. Stourley Kracklite Avatar
        Stourley Kracklite


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