Lowlands Cardboarders Movies

LTV (lowlands television, made by captainvideo) made some really neat movies of our cardbots! First movie is the second robot run we did (which ofcourse ends in a showdown in front of the Lowlands Television Big Screen…) edit by Guus Verschuur van Work Hard Play Hard

Josephine Beijer made the second movie about the dragonsuits before Lowlands lift off! Our suits got a bit wet after that and began to turn in to pulp… so this is what they supposed to look like 🙂

And below you see our totems for Aphex Twin… filmed with a phone so quality sucks but still 🙂 Wonder if he’s seen them!

Cool another movie online 🙂

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  2. Silvia de vaan says:

    Waar kan ik de filmpjes terug vinden die gemaakt zijn op lowlands bij de cardboard stand? Ik bedoel de filmpjes van de foto’s achter elkaar.


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