Lowlands Cardboard Workshops!

Yes! Cardboarders will host the workshops under the big Zorklands top at the Lowlands festival! Friday we’ll start easy with building some cardboard masks, saterday we’ll try setting up a robotbattle and make a lot of cardboard wings.

Like cardboarders on facebook and we’ll keep you updated!

Sunday we hope to go to Aphex Twin all dressed up in our own cardboard suits, joined by everyone who wants to!

The Zorklands tent also hosts some vintage robot animation goodness by the Klik! Animation Festival,  a giant tower of clay (6 meters high) and a big bunch of Hollands Finest Cartoonists  (Jeroen Funke, Boris Peeters, Sam Peeters, Maaike Hartjes, Wasco, Flo de Goede, Niels Popkema, Shamrock). You’ll never want to leave.
And ofcourse we hope to see some bands like Free the robots, dEUS, Amon Tobin, Zombie Nation.


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