How we play F.A.Q.

Just before I wrote this I heard from the El Camaro Crew. Which is a dutch cardboxing group! Look at all that aggression! Check this video! They also asked me how we play the cardboarding game…

Well… there’s been a lot of questions on the rules of our Cardboarders battles lately… There were some rules but just because we destroyed our suits so fast that it was a bit of a shame. Most of the boxfighters out there just do it for the battle but we like to be the artful dodgers of cardboxing. That’s because our suits look so damn good 🙂 So we wanted to enjoy them a bit longer and we invented some little games. Like capture the flag. And no hands no feet or a simple race. You see, nothing fancy. But what we found out was that the rules make the building of the cardboard suits more fun, because you have a goal besides tearing eachothers suits apart. Which ofcourse still happens in the end.

So the rules for a typical Cardboarders battle would be something like:

  • No contestant shall contain anything but man, cardboard, hot glue and tape (and some clothing, no nude cardboarding! Please! That’s just not normal, you deranged kids!)
  • Teams of 3-4 people make a suit for one man of the team in less then 2,5 hours.
  • Depending on the situation of the battle we think of some rules before we start. Most of the times this will at least be “full cardboard coverage of hands and feet”. That’s because we found out it’s funny when it’s difficult to walk around because you’ve got cardboard shoes. But rules can also include picking up incredibly large objects with cardboard or price for the highest robot with cardboard stilts or something. Whatever suits the moment (ha-ha “suits”).
  • There’s always an honorary mention for the best looking robot. (Beauty is the first refuge of the competent. Violence is the last.)
  • We play the game. It ends in a battle. No cardboard should be left untorn.

Some other questions:

Does it have to be robots?

No! But we like suits, and we like cardboard boxes. If you combine them: chances are you probably make a robot first 🙂

When is the next battle?

You tell us! We’ll be there.



3 Responses to How we play F.A.Q.

  1. Pim El camaro fan says:

    Well There is absolutely nothing wrong with beeing naked underneath the box! pure and utter rock n roll! No rules. just grab what you can get!

    • mathijs says:

      Rock and roll is the devil’s work! You poor misguided kids! ” Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they taped cardboard together and made themselves loin coverings. “ gen.3

  2. Cardboard robots are allways cool of course. But check out our Lamelos giant cardboard carrot taking on this Finland team:
    We also did an electric cardboard guitar once agains the same Finnish guys (and we won again).
    Hooray for cardboard battles! 🙂
    also, I have nothing against nudity!
    Battle on!

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