Cardboard Tugboat de Furie

Another dutch artist! This one has made a cardboard tugboat. Filip Jonker sailed his boat named “de Furie”  from Enschede, the Netherlands to London, Great Britain in 20 hours!
He used only honeycombboard for his boat, though there are some pieces that couldn’t be made with cardboard (like the engine :-)).

The design of his boat is traditional. The goal is seems mainly to show and promote the use of cardboard as a really strong and durable material. There’s 600 kilo’s of cardboard in the boat (and about 300 kilo’s of coating to make it all waterproof).

But there’s more to it than just promoting the material though most of the press focused on that. The other works of Filip Jonker have names like “ode to the europallet” (a pallet made of meranti wood) and “hommage to the rib” (an inflatable boat made of wood).  All experiments with what changes to an existing design if you use an other material to make it. But they’re not only experiments with materials, they are also an hommage to industrial design of the dutch “rural” landscape: caravans, wheelbarrows, churches, electric towers, 800 handwrapped bricks on a europallet. And tugboats.
View his blog on the boat here…


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