A Call to Arms

For all the lazy people out there. This guy (Jason Lentz), sells his Giant Cardboard Robot Arms online! Story goes he raised an interest for his arms by just dropping in on the Makerfair: doing a little dance…  The extension of the human body is exciting, hence all the interest in superheroes, we also want superpowers! These robotarms look the right stuff: they are very basic, they have joints, they seem easy to wear. In most other cardboardrobot movies online you see people making beautifull suits. But most of the time something is missing. The makers only thought about the way the robot looks. But they are also supposed to do a task. Doesn’t matter what task they do (because most of the robots are really stupid). Maybe their only function is shoving things aside or stopping things. A cardboard robot should look like he’s capable of doing something. In the end the most important thing is not that a cardboard robot does something good. The important thing is that he looks good doing it. Let’s get a pair of these cardboard robot arms and look good in it 🙂

Or do some of the cool stuff with it he suggests on Etsy: “Arm yourself with giant cardboard robot arms! Perfect for giant robot hugs, super high high-fives, & terrorizing small children.”

But I would have to learn to walk on stilts because that looks even better!
(also check his flickr )


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