About Cardboarders!

A cardboarders project is all about creating stuff together with visitors in a playful environment. We often use cheap, recyclable materials, trying to turn nothing in to something. Our projects include improvised games, puppetry, animation, character design, costume making, storytelling, set-design, and improvisation.

During our projects we became very skilled in getting participants enthusiastic and motivated to do creative stuff.  We see art as an actionsport: participating in the process of making is more important than the endresults. Destruction of the things that are made (by using them) is often a part of the project!

We work in an atmosphere of absurdity and quirkiness, cherishing the freshness of amateurism. Treu creation comes from innocent pleasure of working together and a feeling of having nothing to loose.

Cardboarders is a loose group of artists working from the Netherlands, based in animation studio Reanimation.nl the center of beautiful downtown Amsterdam!


Want to people to tell their animated story during your event?

We have lots of experience in making people make!