CARDBOARDERS is a blog about artists, engineers, architects, makers and tinkerers with a fetish for cardboard. We also organize crowd creation events where we use cardboard as the material. These projects are filled with a brimming spirit of innocence and fun. We aim to stimulate playfulness, inventiveness and other experimental and creative behavior.

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Cardboarders @ Horecava for Icova

Screenshot 2014-01-18 23.43.54

We thought it would be nice to share some sketches with you of the things we made for  the Horecava: a big dutch event for everything restaurant-food-cafe-bar related. During the 4 days of the event we talked to lots of people the new Icova slogan: “making more from waste!”. Icova, our sponsor on this event, is the dutch marketleader in recycling. We created new superlarge puppet called Bettie Serveert. Our first effort in making articulate cardboard walking puppets! The whole … Continue reading

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Workshops Cardboarding


Yes! You can hire us! During our projects we became really skilled in getting participants enthusiastic and motivated to do creative work.  A Cardboarders project is about improvising and creating amazing large scale cardboard objects, suits and environments together. How does it work?All the workshops are custom made. Contact us and we will think of the best sort of workshop. A workshop can run as short as three hours and as long as three days. We like to work with … Continue reading

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SOCKPUPPETPARTY! What!? no cardboard?

Screenshot 2014-01-06 09.20.33

Time for something different at our favorite festival (KLIK! Animation Festival). As you may know we are connected to the festival organizing animation workshops, creating a variation of whacky objects, events, decorations and crazy animation programs. This year we wanted to try something new, but in the spirit of Cardboarding: working together with the audience of the festival on a big creative project! A place for the festival goers to create and experiment with their own characters and creative skills … Continue reading

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Cardboarders + Lowlands = LOVE


Lowlands 2013 was so good to us that it took more then a month to upload some pictures! We came to the festival with 22 hyped out Cardboarders. Four days later 60.000 Lowlanders poured in to the terrain and just took over our venue (an old bumperstage). Tinkering people were everywhere! There’s so many people to thank for this great week… If you like there’s some videos too and this great piece of (dutch) writing on 3voor12. This first video … Continue reading

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Exploding cardboard @ I’m Binck Festival!


This video is made by Astrid at the cardboarders party at the Binck festival which took place in Astrid’s new workshop! What a great evening: and with some skilled builders! And some real explosions too! Please don’t try this at home, we found out it was quite dangerous in the end! Original invitation: Medieval madness! Come and connect yourself ( alone or with a group ) with one of the two cardboard kingdoms. Just swear eternal fidelity to the cardboard … Continue reading

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Program Cardboarders Lowlands:Saturday from 11: Build your robotsuit! from 15:  CARDBOARD ROBOTRUN! Sunday from 11: Cardboat building!from 15: CARDBOAT RACE ON LOWLAKE! (Met zijn allen in een natte doos.) EVERY NIGHT: BEST OF KLIK! ANIMATED SHORTS Sat. night 23:30 ULTRAVIOLENCE ANIMATIONSHOW! (Lekker lachen om zinloos geweld!) So it’s finally official! Lowlands here we come! Cardboarders have their own place and we are going with a big team. Of course we will make a some big creatures, costumes, animation and at … Continue reading

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Let’s play CARDBALL! @FreedomLab

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 18.30.13

Cardball is THE new sport. It’s the only sport that is played before it’s invented. Basic rules at the moment of writing: It’s considered cheating if you don’t cheat with Cardball. Build a cardboard costume for two people that covers all hands and feet. No human appendage should ever touch the Cardball! Set an easy goal and try to score. This game was thought up by the ultra-smart people during the super-short workshop at . They invited us to … Continue reading

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Building Boat Models Workshop in Rotterdam Harbor!


Buijs Events asked us to make a Cardboard Model Boats workshop in a beautiful old building in the Rotterdam Harbor! And you’re right: “boatbuilding is just not the same when you don’t really test the boats in water”. We promise we will do that experiment in the near future ! But we didn’t stop after building the boatmodels. We made video’s of all the groups of builders (120 builders!) pictures of the boats. In the party afterwards we showed the … Continue reading

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Oxfam activation @ Where The Wild Things Are festival

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 15.56.51

Oxfam asked us to make candytrays for their new project promoting fair chocolate. Women in chocolate supply chains face inequality, hunger and poverty. Big companies are doing little to address these problems. We tried to turn the chocolate-candy-trays in to tough and forceful fighting costumes! The trays were filled with brownies for the woman coming to the festival Where The Wild Things Are.

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Wearable Cardboard Stuff at GLR


Cardboarders Workshops with a.o. students Mitchel van der Jagt en Sascha Dekker at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam! We made this stuff in one afternoon. I think the wearable city will have a follow up in the future. It’s funny to think of the wearable cardboard skyline, still standing there, somewhere in Rotterdam. Maybe covered with a bit of snow now A big shout out out to all the students that made this a very inspirational workshop! Loved the ambiance at … Continue reading

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German Urban Cardboard Art


A cardboard artist often sees big piles of cardboard on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up by the cities’ recycling company. I always fantasize about the things I could make out of these piles and how much fun it would be to put these things on the street again. The artists underneath recognized that cardboard, together with concrete and glass is the most contemporary material. It’s appearance is intertwined with our everyday environment, so much that … Continue reading

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Wearable Cardboard Typography

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 19.02.11

We we’re thinking about typographical costumes lately (yeah, we think about that sort of stuff) so I did some research on wearable cardboard typography. We didn’t find much, we hope this post will make you help us and some good stuff will surface! First we have a gem: the video for Lushlife shot at more then 65 locations with an unbelievable large amount of typographical cardboard masks. Made by Lamar + Nik: very inspiring!    This picture is on amandine … Continue reading

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Cardboarders Robot Dance Off ends in mayhem

Cardboarders Robot Dance Off during Klik! Animation Festival Amsterdam at Eye Filmmuseum

Klik! Animation Festival is the best animation festival in the world! Because they aim to wake the toon character living in us all! No surprise we have some tight connections with them! The saturday was our day: Building robots for a Cardboard Robot Dance Off during the Nobody Beats The Drum concert that night. There was not a lot of dancing, it ended in robot mayhem Sigh! Can’t wait for the next Klik!

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